Every company must own a website to stand-out in the present day competitive business world. In case your company is also planning to launch its website, it is advisable to get a business website hosted. This step becomes the foundation to your success in the long run. You can proceed in this direction by looking for a reputed hosting service provider. 

A few reasons which justify the usage of a Linux dedicated server for your business will be discussed now. The possibility of a virus/malware attack on a Linux server is lesser compared to a windows server. In case viruses do attack the system, they cannot harm it much. It is just that a small portion of the memory gets hogged. But once your server is rebooted, this situation gets restored. There is a guarantee of website security on a Linux platform which is why it is preferred over windows servers.

Besides, if you think of opting Linux dedicated server hosting, then an authorized administrator relevant expertise in using this OS might be put in charge for the regularly maintaining your website. Therefore, you can stay rest assured that your corporate website will perform in a better manner and have minimum downtime.

The market is flooded with numerous of Linux dedicated server hosting providers. But, how one should choose the best, is a bit tricky question. 

Let's Have a Closer Look at Some of the Key Benefits of Linux Dedicated Server:

Guaranteed Uptime: Unless your website is not accessible to your online visitors, it is of no use. Ensure that your vendorby default is offering you 99.95% of guaranteed uptime. Of course, expecting to get 100% uptime is something I would say is unrealistic because you might have to take down the website for small time duration at regular intervals due to maintenance reasons. 

Unlimited Email Accounts and SQL Databases: Another important aspect that you shouldn't ever overlook is the number of databases you are going to get. Since, the more you will have, the easier it will become of you to maintain website data as it grows with time. Moreover, email accounts will certainly assist you in conducting various email campaigns to promote your website. 

Preinstalled CMS: If you have a pre-installed content management system, it allows you to upload content on website immediately. You should ask for updating the website on regular basis and it is a hassle free affair. 

Dedicated Internet Connection: A Linux dedicated server hosting assures you to get a dedicated internet connection which will be dedicated to your website. You should ask for it when you are asking for the quotation. 

There are many web hosting providers in the industry, but there are few web hosting providers who can stand out by the quality of their services. So, you should be sure about the quality services and then hire hosting for your website.