Dedicated web hosting is the top level website hosting service provided by the server administrators. It allows complete client control over the server machine, permitting clients to use it the way they want. It is also the most expensive of all conventional hosting services and comes with unlimited bandwidth and storage space. A dedicated web hosting provider would not host any other client on the machine. Therefore, it is the single-client machine. A dedicate server could be either kept with the service provider if managed services are taken from the provider. Alternatively, the client might choose to have the physical server kept at own place or with the co-location service provider.

Dedicated Web Hosting Services

Location Options

If a client has all infrastructure needed to host a server at own place including the IT team to manage it on periodic basis, then all aspects of server functioning including its safety and security are responsibility of the client. However, the client also has the alternative of keeping it with a co-location provider who takes care of all the physical security issues and provides physical infrastructure for hosting it. In case of co-location, rent is to be paid for the space for server, whether it is cabinet or rack or a room. 

Windows Server

Dedicated servers could be based on either Windows or Linux platforms. While Linux servers have greater demand than the Windows ones, the latter are also used by individuals and organizations which use Microsoft products extensively for their works. By having these applications hosted on the server, it becomes easier for the employees to work. However, the windows software that is installed on the servers is proprietary and comes with a licensing fee. This makes this type of hosting quite an expensive one. Even updating these servers could also cost good sum of money for dedicated web hosting provider. For this reason, most of the windows based servers are provided essentially on shared platforms so that the costs can be borne by a number of clients. windows shared web hosting provider does offer windows based plans since its software is used by most of the clients. 

No-Hassles Approach

Dedicated web hosting provider plays an important role in ensuring that you focus on your business or work without worrying about hosting services. It is the responsibility of the provider to install or uninstall the desired software and carry out the updates in such a manner that current functioning is not affected. Issues related to security including the physical and the software security are also attended to by the provider. All these services are undertaken by the dedicated web hosting provider under the managed services.

While providing managed services, the provider and the client enter into service level agreements. These agreements list down all the activities which the provider would be undertaking with respect to the periodic services. This also mentions what all services will not be under its ambit, if there are any such activities. These agreements help understand the quality of services being offered.