Search for the right hosting provider is a complex process and if you consider the huge number of web hosting service providers out there, then it is as daunting as finding a needle from the haystack. Even if you succeed in zeroing on few worthy hosts, you will have to go through a tiring process of finding out the best dedicated server host. 

Versatile Features of Dedicated Server

The most important highlight of a dedicated server is availability of resources that would never be shared with other users. This feature differentiates dedicated server hosting from shared hosting and enables users to gain independent access to all its functionalities and properties.

Selection of a dedicated server should be marked by knowing about multiple features offered to enhance utilization of this multi-faced hosting resource. An ideal dedicated server offering must allow root access to its vital properties. Users of dedicated servers enjoy freedom of choosing any operating system that boosts their web-based applications. 

A dedicated server environment is designed to make users gain absolute control over the server setup while enjoying unlimited freedom of hosting with an impressive range of features. 

You can harness your dedicated server to run any and every type of application unlike a shared hosting arrangement where there is no such freedom. Moreover, unlike any on-premise server, remote administration of a hosted dedicated server can be executed from any location. Users of established dedicated server hosting plans need not be concerned with physical maintenance and operations of their dedicated servers since the provider of dedicated hosting services undertake these complex aspects of server management.



Secured Hosting Without Loss of Flexibility

Security should not lead to a straight-jacketed existence. Users of dedicated servers need not worry about third-party interruptions regarding policies of security. Your organizational security strategies can be incorporated without any deviation if you are operating in a dedicated server ecosystem. 

A dedicated server enables its users to install firewalls as desired in addition to a range of anti-virus measures that can be configured according to requirements of the organization. You will be master of your security limits with absolute freedom of accessing the login panel of operating system.

What’s more, a dedicated server allows disablement of ports or system functions that would not be required. In fact, the control on IP specific limits can also empower you with access to WHM as well as VHM.

A Server that is Exclusive

As the organization grows in terms of its visitor base, installed applications, and security requirements, there is a need to have more specific server configuration with greater availability of RAM, CPU, and disk space. Security policies and need for adhering to compliance requirements can also underline need for an exclusive resource of a dedicated server. When your website suddenly begins to underperform in a shared hosting environment, you will have to adopt a dedicated server hosting plan for business continuity. 

In order to achieve higher performance levels, a dedicated server can be configured as per the requirements. One can use specific volume of disk space and RAM including a RAID configuration and relevant cores as well as processors. 

Assured Backup and Uptime

One needs to make sure that the selected service provider of dedicated server hosting has ability to guarantee SLA based uptime to eliminate the scope of sudden downtime. This brings us to cloud supported services for a dedicated server setup. These services are appreciated for redundant resources to keep your site up and running in spite of unexpected outages.

In terms of backup services, it is found that majority of hosting service providers may not support users of dedicated server hosting plans due to lack of visibility. However, there are a large number of solutions to make sure that the data is continuously backed up. Many backup service providers allow users to design a tailor-made approach that will cover specific files. 

Summary of Unique Features

Dedicated server hosting is an important resource for all high-traffic and security conscious web ventures. It is a must for applications that need a stable and reliable hosting support in spite of traffic spikes. Unlike a shared hosting arrangement, users of dedicated server hosting services will be free from issues such as spamming and resource sharing. 

Customizability is a vital attribute of the dedicated server since users of shared hosting can hardly modify or alter server settings to suit their requirements. You can select a right operating system to support your web project. Obviously, you will be able to exercise greater controls on your hosting resources.

Managed dedicated server guarantees peace of mind and cost savings since the host will be looking after the management and maintenance of your server. 


In spite of the costs, a dedicated server solution is a superior solution for running mission critical websites that must be supported by flexibility and stability of hosting resources.