Internet boom and technological advancements areenabling companies to improve their business performance to a great extent. However,availability of same set of services offered by different service providers often create a bemusing situation for users to determine what is right for them.

Businesses looking for optimal dedicated serverhosting are also going through the same situation. Amidst a same plethora of hosting services, they are baffled to who to go with.

Dedicated server hosting is one of the robust options that help businesses to streamline their ongoing processes without compromising on security and compliance requirements. The server enables the client to efficiently manage their data through user-friendly control panel, while maintaining strong security standards. Additionally, it facilitates users with unmatched controland scalability options to manage high traffic attracting websites.

A majority of web service providers today offers dedicated hosting solutions with performance tuning, IP filtering, uptime monitoring, firewall management, remote reboot, service reconfiguration and optimization facilities.

Take a quick glance at key attributes of dedicated server hosting:

Custom-made: Each user has its own set of requirements, priorities and business goals. And to fulfill all these requirements, a right fit is required. Many hosting providers offer custom-made hosting solution to support a variety of business specific applications including multi-tasking, high volume transactions and multimedia apps.

Accessibility: Dedicated servers come with a complete root access, providing full admin rights to theclient to control the functionality of their web pages. Users can easilyadd/remove or upgrade the control panels, including cPanel and plesk panel to createa secured web server environment and streamline website management.

Intrusion Detectors: Firewall deployment is imperative tokeep business websites away from spiteful attempts of Trojan horses, spywares,and viruses to access your server. To protect servers from unpredictablenetwork spikes different service providers deploy diverse techniques, such asJuniper SSG 550 or CISCO ASA Adaptive Security Appliances. Some providers alsooffer customized firewalls according to the users specific business needs.

Anti-spamand Antivirus Protection: Spamming attacks are at the peak these days causing irrecoverable losses to the businesses, operating today. Keeping these noxious activities at bay has become the prime responsibility of the dedicated hosting providing companies. Spam filtering techniques deployed by the web host ensures that spam and viruses dont make way to your mailboxes.

Unwarranted Failures: In the event of hardware equipment failure, network failure or other critical components malfunctioning, some hosting vendors replace the faulty components without charging extra bucks. The level of redundancy maintained by the vendor determines how quick the suspended operations can berestored.

Additionally, load balancing solutions are alsoavailable on demand to augment the performance of the website and business critical data.

Before you shop for dedicated servers, ensure that you are availing services from the provider armed with best-in-breed servers, state-of-the-art network infrastructure, experienced technical staff, and security systems.