Back in 2013, reliable reports predicted that there would be around one billion live websites by the end of 2014. The prediction is more or less consistent with the reality. However, what’s’ most important in this discussion is the enormity of the online world. It’s clear that there is more number of websites online that we ever thought. However, most of those sites are hosted on a shared server and not on a dedicated hosting server or even a VPS. Shared servers are so popular mainly because of the cost factor. However, in such arrangements, available resources are shared. In most of the cases or even in average cases, the resources available in shared hosting are considered enough for running a site properly. However, the requirements exceed when the sites start to grow and the traffic inflow starts to increase by leaps and bounds. This is when need of a better hosting solution is felt. There are two better forms of hosting solutions available.

While one is VPS, the other is dedicated server. If you have an aspiration to make it big and taste real success, sharing server resources with others will not do. That’s why you may need to choose a dedicated hosting provider in India to get the best possible hosting service, with no chance of downtime.

dedicated hosting provider in India


When do you Need a Dedicated Hosting Solution?

Once a business starts increasing and the traffic inflow to a site increases rapidly, websites need to be hosted in servers where the resources are not shared at all. When server resources are shared, they are used by many users and therefore you may not get the optimum level of resources when you need them most. In fact, many shared servers come with usage limits too, thereby limiting equal access after a certain threshold. In case of shared servers where limits are not there repeated downtimes are faced by site owners during peak usage time. When your site is making helluva money you can’t afford a downtime of even few seconds. This is when you need a hosting solution where all the resources (be it processor, memory, disk space, and other processes) are dedicated in nature and are used exclusively by a single client and not shared among multiple clients.

Page Loading Time, Dedicated Hosting, and Search Engine Optimization

Leading search engines including Google are stressing on a site’s page loading time to improve user experience. If a site takes lot of time to open, the user will not find that helpful and will shift to another site for information or product. Page loading times are found to be slower mainly because of the fact that those sites are hosted in shared servers. To avoid such occurrences and lessen page loading time, one of the steps you can take is opt for a dedicated hosting provider in India. As loading time of a page is now a search engine optimization (SEO) factor, it is most prudent to go for a dedicated server (provided you site is already making good money on a monthly basis).