Expanding your business at lightning speed denotes scaling your web application in compliance with business and market requirements. The exceptional value proposition of dedicated hosting develops innovative opportunities to complement IT and business objectives. For those who dont know, the dedicated hosting is flexible, robust, secure and durable solution that can strengthen the visibility of e-commerce ventures with ease. 

Unlike shared or VPS hosting, businesses, irrespective of size, prefer to avail dedicated hosting service because of the attributes of getting the ownership of a single server. For instance, if you host your website in a dedicated server, you are able to access or manage overall resources of the server allocated you. This means you are the owner of your server and there is no room for unauthorized access. There is a revelation that threats associated with this hosting solution are little to affect your web application to run on the World Wide Web. 

If reports are to be believed, the dedicated server is regulated through a control panel such as Plesk, or cPanel that enables you to control overall facets of your server. Several web hosting providers proffer this hosting solution at a very competitive price because of agility, scalability and redundancy it provided to clients. No doubt, the performance of this server is very high as it is integrated with a faster processer, more RAM, and larger/multiple hard drives, etc. In fact, you can also benefit from additional ports, more bandwidth, and a hardware firewall that can boost the security of your website and data as well. 

Advantages of Dedicated Hosting

#Regulate every domain of your server configuration

#Installation and upgradation of software

#Enhanced security

#Improved website performance

#Robust solution

So, host your website on a dedicated server and experience the freedom of having the ownership of entire server.