In today’s modern world, every business is looking to succeed and it requires a completely functional website to be online. As per the Netcraft, there are around 644 million live websites that have figured out this. In order to do so, you have to take care of various things, including selecting a hosting provider. Initially, you can opt for shared hosting as you require a business that pay for the expenses in long-term, correct? However, when your business is grown or having potential of attracting huge audience on a regular basis, then it is time to select a dedicated hosting plans provider in India. Here is a blog post explaining five reasons to switch to a dedicated server. Read on!

1. Enhanced Security.

When we talk about online business, security is one of the vital things that should not be overstated, specifically if you are gathering sensitive data via visitors or selling the things online. Shared hosting is just safe if hosting provider is capable of offering protection. Shared servers are susceptible to the security attacks and breaches in form of hacks, viruses and risks. In addition, they does not get involve in the patches and updates as well as antivirus installations. It might take a few weeks or the months prior you get to know that the site is breached. However, a Windows or Linux dedicated server hosting will permit you to provide ideal security for stored user info and your website. You will be in-charge of making sure that server is safe, there are various hosting providers that offer managed dedicated servers. These servers come with security upgrades, software installation as well as maintenance. In case, you select semi-managed dedicated service, then you can mention what are you looking for and what service you want to avail.

2. Traffic Load and Server

Every day, the traffic volume coming to the website could have deep impact on the functionality. In case, your website receives over thousand different visitors regularly, then you must consider dedicated server or Virtual Private Server (VPS). The latter offers businesses an intermediary service, which is not ready to mark leap in the completely dedicated server. In addition, server load can too warrant upgrade to the dedicated server. If, server utilized by you is hosting a plenty of websites with so many processes, then it could compromise the performances. High load of server could also be produced by different users hogging server resources. Hence, switching to dedicated server may go long way contending the problem.

3. Page Loading Times

Bad loading times could have negative impact on the website performance. Usually, many visitors wait for two or three seconds for page loading after they hit back icon and move to next website. The page loading time plays vital role in the website traffic as Google has incorporated the loading speeds in SEO. Each server has different specifications and the time you have numerous sharing hosting accounts and same resources, it could overwhelm CPU and RAM could face downtime. Essentially, this means that time may come when your website will load slowly or would not load. You can prevent from this dilemma via migrating to rental dedicated server.

4. Custom Programming 

In order to meet the custom programming’ needs, you have to select a dedicated hosting plans provider in India or from others parts of the world. It includes shell scripts, running cron jobs as well as custom software. Traditional shared hosting provider will not offer you most custom programming choices. If you choose dedicated server, then in it you can select the software as well as hardware specifications, operating system and different custom programming options. Overall, it provides you the complete control on the hosting environment. 

5. Future Growth and Load Balancing 

If you are becoming a part of the online business growth, so you would definitely require dedicated hosting. In case, you waited a lot in making switch, then result could be worst, especially if you will do so in hurry. So you should plan ahead that you could migrate to the new server with no major deals. It will include researching various dedicated server providers available in the market and go ahead with them. In case, you have observed considerable expansion on the website for sensible period, probably you should start searching for dedicated server. On the contrary, load balancing too means distributing workload process on the server. The workload is a major problem with the shared hosting, initially owing to numerous accounts that are trying to utilize same resources concurrently. It might take time prior you determine the load balancing problem and on which point the website will take hit. Shifting to Windows or Linux dedicated server hosting permits you to plan all jobs as well as processes, consequently ensuring efficient load distribution.