Choosing the right location for data center is extremely important. There are various factors associated with it. There needs to be a checklist to know what the factors are to look for and at the same time which factors are needed to be done away with. While selecting site for a data center solution, one of the most coveted approaches is that followed by Intel IT and Corporate Services. 

There are basically 3 important criteria for selecting a site for data center construction and they are:

Criteria #1: The first most important factor is the environmental condition. Climatic condition of the region must be inspected first. In fact, the history of natural hazards should also be checked of that particular place or location so that it becomes easier to get an idea on the place even before deciding to build a data center.

Criteria #2: Availability of fiber cost as well as communication infrastructure must be checked first to get an idea about the expanse of area network. Wide area network is the second most important criteria that needs to be checked.

Criteria #3: The third but most important factor is the availability of electricity and their cost. The entire electrical power infrastructure’s cost must be known for getting an idea of the cost and convenience associated with creating a data center solution in a place.

Though these criteria are essential to keep in mind, it must also be kept in mind that there is no concept such as a perfect site. There are innumerable criteria associated with selection of a site. However, there is hardly a single data center location which fulfils all the criteria. That’s why it has become important to perform a quantitative analysis of the different factors associated and then doing the trade off between them for choosing the best possible site location.

Besides these 3 criteria, there are 2 other important factors too and they are:

Site Level Criteria  In case of the site level criteria, a data center company must check out the land acquisition factors first. In addition to that, some more associated factors such as construction environment and proximity to threats and resources should also be checked. 

Criteria Related to Governmental Aspects, Available Workforce, and Socio-Economic Factors This factor is very important because economic and political stability of a place brings stability to business. Some other associated factors that need to be checked include construction and sustenance of workforce, incentives, taxation structure, existing workforce, construction of availability, and many more.

It must be said here that all the 5 above mentioned criteria are not mutually exclusive but are interdependent in nature.

Let us consider an example to show how location of a data center solution helps. A data center should have great proximity to good roads because it thereby helps in lowering transport cost of construction materials. In fact, business continuity also improves due to this.