If you are planning to migrate to a hosted data center or for that matter are intending to improve your own in-house data center—virtualisation could probably be your best bet.  Vastly improving the performance capabilities of a data center, virtualization offers a host of important benefits at multiple levels.  In the following paragraphs we shall look at top 10 important benefits offered by data center virtualization.

Dispense Excess Heat

Data centers house servers and other complex hardware all of which generate a lot of heat during their normal course of operation. In fact millions of dollars have been spent planning and designing data centers with ample heat dissipation capacity. But servers and other hardware are bound to generate heat. Virtualization provides a good way of eliminating excess heat. Virtualize your Server virtualization means fewer servers and ultimately lesser amount of amount.

Better Cost Savings

Servers are expensive to purchase and maintain. Reduce the number of servers and your overall cost automatically goes down. You also save big on electricity, maintenance, space, etc.

Faster Redeployment

How fast you can replace a defunct server depends upon a host of factors. Do you have a replacement server ready? Do you have an image of your server? Is the data on your backup server current? You can redeploy your servers within minutes with virtualization. Virtual machine snapshots can be enabled with just a few clicks.

More Convenient Backups

Full back up of your virtual server as well as snapshots of your virtual machine can be carried with minimum of hassles. Virtual machine can be moved from server to another with relative ease.

Less Environment Footprint

Using fewer numbers of servers means you are actively contributing to environment preservation. Virtualization allow to you lessen your carbon footprint and project an overall image of environment friendly company.

Better Testing

Virtual data center also facilitates a better testing environment. An egregious blunder on your part will cause little damage as you can just revert back to your previous snapshot and continue as before.

No Vendor Lock - In

Another important advantage of virtual data center is the abstraction between software and hardware. This eliminates your dependency on a single vendor as virtual servers do not care about what hardware they run on.

More efficient disaster recovery

Disaster management is fairly easy in case of a virtual data center. Up-to-date snapshots of your virtual machines ensure that you quickly spring back on your feet. In case of a calamity or a disaster, you can easily move your virtual servers to a different location. Additional levels of flexibility as such ensures better disaster recovery implementation and management.

No Single Point of Failure

All-in-one services apart from breeding competition among resources also ups the danger of a single point of failure.  Virtualization allows you to separate your web server, e-mail serve, database server, etc. By doing this, you will enjoy a much more robust and reliable data center.

Convenient Cloud Migration

The closer you move to virtual machines, the better your chances of enjoying a full blown cloud environment. In due course of time, you can reach a stage where you can deploy VMs to create a powerful cloud based infrastructure.