Colocation is a data center facility where an organization rents server space as well as other computing hardware. Customers of these colocation centres get space in the advanced data center facility and along with that are given the chance to use other facilities of the data center such as physical security, bandwidth, power backups, cooling, and others. Businesses, no matter whether they are large companies or medium sized ones, can set up their server machines in the cabinets of the service providers and share the bandwidth. This is a similar one of accessing website with a certain hosting provider and in turn pay rental for it.

Adoption Rate of Colocation Services is Very High

As there are multiple long lasting features associated with colocation services, the adoption rate is very high among companies, especially the one that are growing up fast from a mid-sized one to a large one. Data centre service providers provide this service to companies throughout the world for helping them build their IT infrastructure in well-equipped facilities. This, in turn, helps businesses in efficiently managing workloads without having to worry about the daily IT tasks. Various applications of business get support from colocation and therefore provide agility to the business operations.

What are the Benefits of Colocation Services?

There are multiple advantages associated with colocation. 5 most important ones are listed below:

#1. Cost Effectiveness

Large companies who look for best hosting solution at least possible price will find colocation extremely helpful. Multiple clients share the colocation infrastructure, which includes higher bandwidth, secured internet connectivity, and many more. Best of these facilities is that the customers can get all these services at least price. Another important thing about this is the fact that no heavy investment is required to be done by the customer. All the facilities are available with colocation service providers. All the servers are kept in the same data center and the services can be availed through paying rentals, which hardly cost them anything.

#2. Transparency

It is one of the most coveted aspects of businesses and this is what they get in a collocation service. When a complicated performance related problem or reliability related problem surfaces, the transparent feature of this hosting solution helps in solving the complications. When a business uses colocation service, the process of sharing resources with other becomes easy and the fears associated with the security threats are done away with.

#3. Security Issue of the Data Centre

An ideal data centre facility should have environmental controllers as well as security measures. If these aspects are there in the concerned facility, the optimal decision for a business is to keep all the IT assets in that data centre facility. A data centre must offer secured space to users so that the IT operations can be performed in a secured space. This enables the businesses to keep their data and other assets in a worry-free manner in the data centres. The facilities should be able to provide peace of mind to the businesses by providing them with secured space for functioning where they would not worry about hurricanes, flood, and data or asset theft. The colo services offer CCTV feeds throughout the day and for the entire year at every nook and corner of the building. In fact, physical guards are also there within the building, thereby creating different layers of security checks at different levels. This ensures that all the entries within the data center facility takes place with proper security checks. All kinds of unauthorised access are thereby restricted. The guards examine all the entrants into the facility properly and then only allow persons to get into the facility. For giving another layer of security to the data put in by the businesses, biometric panels are installed. This makes it sure that the data preserved in the data centre facility remains secured.

#4. Scalability

With the advent of cloud computing, colocation servers are now ready to scale up and down whenever needed. Users of colocation services can enhance applications as per their needs and also manage them properly through optimisation of the server configurations in accordance with the business needs. Scaling up and scaling down of the colo server is very easy now and this gives the required flexibility and scalability of servers.

#5. Network Connectivity and Security

Colocation service is far more than just stacking and housing servers in facilities having proper network connectivity. The renowned vendors of colocation services provide their customers with fast as well as secured private network for supporting critical IT applications. For increased security measures, Virtual Private Networks are offered. Advanced networking facilities are provided by these vendors so that any kind of unauthorised access to the system of the customer can be prevented.