It is an open secret that technology has been revolutionizing our lives in a real big way. Now it is transforming the sports industry too. Umpteen apps had been developed for the recently held Wimbledon tennis tournament. It has streamlined the entire process of enjoying a match. Fans today are more interested to know about the personal interests of their favorite players. They are appreciating the efforts of the organizers in providing them with their required information about the player’s likings and welfares.

Fans who were busy with their work or other schedules could get access to all the information they required. They looked for on demand services that would get them the latest scores, results and other information. This resulted in huge volumes of data being generated and made available at any point of time and from any location.

The revolution is not restricted to Wimbledon only. Data is being collected about all the past events including results, records that were created etc. The providers are trying to accumulate data about the past and present and keep as much information ready to give an enhanced user experience. The efforts have been made in golf, soccer, cycling and many more similar events that have been held.

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The slam tracker this year at Wimbledon generated information about the past eight year events of all the grand slams including US Open, Australian open, Wimbledon and French open. It is estimated that about 41 million points have been created in the process. This is huge and the information is available to the end users with just a click of their mouse. Information included the diets of players, the brand of equipment they use, their personal interests and lifestyle.  

The organizers have been able to cope up with these requirements thanks to the cloud technology that is immensely getting popular. Cloud computing has already proved its worthiness with its flexibility and reliability. It has allowed the users to access the data from any compatible mobile device. The users subscribe to a provider’s site and gather the information they want. They can scale their requirements too instantly and it is affordable too with users paying only for the services they use. 

This has made it possible for the fans to view or stay up to date with the happenings like score, interviews, news, any new records etc. Irrespective of where they are and whatever the time. This has done away with the need for one to go back to their place and switch on televisions to watch keeping a track of the time difference etc.

Technology was first implemented last year at the European football tournament. Football teams partnered up with software firms to work out several operative functions like simplifying the process of talent acquisition, increase the fans support and commitment and improve the team performance to achieve success. Some of the games like football, rugby, baseball, cricket require instant decisions to be taken by referees or which sometimes go wrong. Using technology, the umpire/ referee takes their decisions after reviewing the game by replays which helps them take the right decisions.

Motion capture and 3D modeling are a couple of technology innovations that are transforming sporting equipment, footwear and clothing. The equipments are designed to track the sportsmen’s heart rate, jump beats and many similar. Players are able to watch their own practice sessions and analyze their limitations. Coaches and players can work on the limitations and prepare better for the next match. 

Access to microscopic detailed data has thus been benefiting both the individual players, their teams and the taken the game to a higher level. Cloud Hosting technology is provisioned and it removes the huge capacity of resources that are required to store and backup the data keeping it secure from cyber criminals. 

Wimbledon organizers this year drew up a “Hackathon” and came up with a two-day challenge asking their tech partners IBM to create some unique and effective apps to improve the ticket resale and virtual queuing. This is an effort to reduce human input and eliminate the need of fans to stand in queues for hours for a ticket to a match. Several developers participated and came up with novel incredible creations.  A method for sharing a show court ticket and an app that allowed faster access to lesser crowded sites also were created. Using NFC technology, Wimbledon came with a system that reduced the reallocation of seats from 20 seconds to less than 5 seconds. A few seconds here and there can miss some important shots or serves or rallies.  This has been avoided increasing the fans viewing experience.