Reaching across the globally dispersed audience can be a highly daunting task for any online gaming enterprise. This is due to the fact that gaming audience is located in all types of regions including highly populated urban areas as well as remote and hard to access locations with weak network connectivity.

The problem of accessing global customers is further aggravated because wholesalers of online gaming are usually located in offshore countries. This calls for a global network that can boost dynamic as well as static content even across the environments that have restrictions of hosting.

Secondly, online gaming websites are highly vulnerable to intrusions attacks including DDoS. In addition to this, the traffic that is usually associated with online gaming is directly reliant on the behavior of user.

Gaming application’s technical structure has inherent requirement of communicating with the actual platform of gaming on frequent basis. Moreover the dynamic content of gaming is cannot be cached. This leaves gaming industry with only one option of mitigating network latency in order to accelerate traffic.

Boosting the Dynamic Content

Content Delivery Networks facilitate reliable and instant delivery of dynamic content and online applications irrespective of the location of end users. This can be achieved by accelerating as well as optimizing communication between end users and servers and enhancement of application response time. CDN services can improve user experience to great extent due to reduced latency provided by online gaming platform.

Static Content Acceleration

Acceleration of static content should not be affected sudden spikes in traffic volumes and the Content Distribution Network must be capable of delivering the content across wide geographical area such as emerging markets as well as difficult to reach regions without getting disrupted even due to temporary network issues.

It is only possible to achieve these parameters by increasing the number of Points of Presence or POPs. The content is basically transmitted via globally dispersed cache servers instead of the origin servers.

This not only enhances the overall response by reducing loading time of web pages but also allows large scale addition of concurrent users by obviating the need for additional infrastructural investment.

Enabling Defense Against DDoS Attack

Thanks to highly sophisticated monitoring systems that are flexible and highly efficient with availability of hundreds of Points of Presence, reliable Content Delivery Networks are able to effectively deal with issue of DDoS attacks.

These CDN POPs and monitoring systems combine to identify presence of unusual traffic spikes and the bad traffic is diluted to several absorption POPs that are globally available in CDN system by allowing only the god traffic to application without any latency.

This forces the attacker search for other targets because the CDN network proves itself immune to the DDoS attacks. Most of the reputable CDN service providers offer these services for a fixed price.

CDN services also facilitate performance of gaming applications by using dynamic acceleration solutions to boost XML, JSON, and APIs. This is typically achieved by acceleration of the farthest distance for network, which is also known as the middle mile that connects end users with origin servers. This results in faster response of and loading of the gaming application in context wit user request.

Accelerating XML, API, and JSON

Internet performance of API, JSON, and XML is further improved by boosting middle mile to accelerate distribution of content. This enhances response of gaming application for an excellent user experience.

Content Distribution Networks can be effectively used for acceleration of API, JSON, and XML for remarkable improvement of performance without additional expenditure for development of any infrastructure.

Boosting Performance of Video Streaming

Whether you are proposing to deliver tutorial videos, in-stream ads, or fully featured video streaming, CDN has you covered since it supports delivery of entertainment and media content.

Reputed solution providers of Video CDN are recognized for distributing dynamic media files across global audience much faster for facilitating an engaging UX to consumers of online gaming applications.

Needless to add, Content Delivery Networks of repute are also ale to boost distribution of live streaming to and users irrespective of their geographical locations.

In Conclusion

By designing exclusive solutions for accelerating gaming applications, established CDN providers have gained amazing expertise in serving the online gaming industry.